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> News!

2014-01-21: Minor update of SlackE17 with E17 0.17.6 and EFL 1.7.10 for Slackware 14.1

2013-10-03: SlackE17 is now available using Slackpkg+. Read the documentation and then use slackpkg to update SlackE17 on-line.

> What is SlackE17?

SlackE17 is a pool of packages for Slackware. It is a project of building and distributing the new Enlightenment DR17 (E17) window manager for the Linux Slackware distribution. SlackE17 provides tested Slackware packages so you can use E17 without compiling anything. SlackBuilds are provided too in the source tree.

> Requirements

You need an official Linux Slackware 14.1 for i486, x86_64 or ARM. If you did install intrusive third party softwares and run into problems, do not complain. It was made for vanilla Slackware. On the other hand, you'd better to apply the security patch of the Slackware stable branch before installing SlackE17.

> Releases

SlackE17 is released after each Slackware version and is updated when possible. Last time was January, the 21st 2014. SlackE17 contains packages for Slackware, documentation and install tools.

> Installation

slacke17 is all what you need to run E17. It's contains all the required Slackware packages, documentation and tools so you can make a standard or maximum install. You'll find a tool to create one big .txz if you really want it, but this is not recommended.

To install, uncompress the tarball using tar xvf, read carefully the README, README.e17, INSTALL, UPGRADING and NOT-E17 files, choose your installation type (like 'max') then run as root ./ max. Run xwmconfig or KDM and that's all.